Charity Work

Back in February 2016 we had a Companywide meeting and proposed the idea of forming a Charity Committee. The response from staff was enthusiastic and after just 3 months we had a committee and we selected two Charities to support over the next year.

It was important to all staff that we chose two Charities since we have two office locations and we wanted to support Charities that are local to each. Importantly, we wanted to work with Charities that are small enough for to make a difference. We also wanted the Charities to have some focus on IT with their support efforts.

We are delighted to announce that our chosen Charities until Summer 2017 are SpecialEffect and SnapCharity! Here is a little information about each of them

SpecialEffect focusses its work on the gaming community. It adapts computer hardware and software to enable gamers of any age to be able to enjoy the same activities as others regardless of their disability. Their technology is also critical for use in hospitals so that patients can communicate with medical staff.

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SNAP focusses its work on supporting children (and their families) up to the age of 25 with Special Educational Needs. They have a well-equipped Centre for children to make new friends and take part in activity sessions while parents can have a break or take part in a training or advice session.

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June – Dress Down Friday

July – EURO 2016 Sweepstake

July – EURO 2016 Fancy Dress Day

August – Dress Down Monday

August – Charity Auction

September – Wear a Wig/Hat Day

September – Bake Sale

October – Halloween Fancy Dress and Activities

November - #TashDay


Charity visit

Gareth and Louise had the opportunity to visit SpecialEffect and try out some of the amazing software and hardware adaptations that enable those less fortunate to be able to play their favourite computer games. A truly inspirational day!

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