Freebird is channelcentral’s latest Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) software package available to the IT Channel as a subscription service. Freebird offers Manufacturers, Distributors or Resellers their own CPQ tool to control and self-manage their products. Unlike other CPQ tools, it is ideal for Distributors or Resellers that are multi-vendor, but it will also operate in single vendor mode. The service can be fully integrated into an eCommerce site to provide pricing, stock and buy now functionality.


Hosted browser application
Single or Multi-vendor capable
Ideal for Manufacturer, Distributor or Reseller use
Configuration capability for both boxed product (channel stock) and factory-build products
Intuitive navigation via menus, sorts and filters
Web page or existing eCommerce plug-in
Web Services engine providing real-time pricing and stock
Provide your Channel Partners with key sales information:
  • Bestselling SKUs, options / bundles
  • Manufacturer-led or host specific product promotions / bundles
In-Built Validation rule structure for accurate quotations every time
Stable, predictable cost structure
  • ...with no limit on the number of users!
Freebird gives you freedom
Freebird becomes your own CPQ software tool, assuming your company’s corporate branding and logo
Product Lifecycle and configuration rules
Can be cascaded to your inside sales team users, and your customers, too**
Full Integration with your Web Store / eCommerce existing tools**
Real time sales data = quickest time to market quotation response
Administrator-level access for to full suite of reporting tools


Freebird is available in 3 packages each designed to suit your CPQ needs and your budget: Basic, Integrated and Complete:

Freebird Basic provides the full CPQ experience with pricing, stock availability and technical validation (configuration) at a market leading price for entry into the CPQ market. You manage the product lifecycle content and configuration rules. Basic can be deployed to your internal sales team(s) on an unlimited seat basis within a matter of weeks.
Freebird Integrated builds on our Basic service by adding external access to your customers, on an unlimited seat basis. With Integrated the Freebird Service is fully-integrated with your eCommerce web store to provide your customers with the full Freebird CPQ Experience; real-time pricing, product availability, and ‘add-to-basket’ online transactional capability.
Freebird Complete provides CPQ service suite. With Complete, you have the power to add customer-facing instances of Freebird to your customers’ web stores (where applicable). With Complete, your ‘cascaded’ Freebird instances reside as a service to your customers to reach their customer base. You continue to control the content, pricing and product offering, on a per-customer basis as you require. Complete is the value-add Freebird service that enables the compelling ‘value-add’ CPQ and eCommerce service wrap to your customers – on an unlimited basis. Differentiate your service offering to your customers, and disrupt your competitors’ reach with Freebird Complete.


Freebird Feature Basic Integrated Complete
Instance: Subscriber-configurable Product Content and Lifecycle
Instance: Internal Sales Use
Instance: Host on Subscriber Web Site
Dynamic Web Service Pricing
Product Bundles
Stock Levels
European Business Hours Support
Instance: Host on Customer's Web Site


  • Focus: channelcentral have 10+ years’ experience in developing cutting-edge configurators for some of the world’s largest IT Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers
  • Reach: Experienced in global markets through partnerships with multi-national organisations
  • Knowledge: Experienced staff with a wealth of knowledge in the IT channel and in developing channel solutions
  • Costs: Market-leading pricing structure in the IT marketplace compared with other Software as a Service (SaaS) companies
  • Timescales: Beat your competition - use Freebird as a ‘packaged’ product to minimise time-to-deployment of a CPQ solution within your business
  • Branding: Use Freebird to deliver a CPQ solution that takes-on your own company’s branding and logo
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Freebird offers a unique CPQ solution in which you manage your own product lifecycle. However, we recognise that in certain circumstances, you may wish to offshore this overhead too, and we can offer our dedicated team of Product Managers as an additional Freebird service to manage your portfolio if it is required.**
  • Flexibility: We can also integrate Freebird upstream with your existing CRM / ERP systems e.g.**
  • Customised Requirements: We recognise every customer requirement is not the same – we can also offer wrap-around services from our experienced team of staff to manage training, marketing, customer support and maintenance of your Freebird CPQ tool

** at additional cost

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