Authorized Distributors and Resellers of HP Inc. can take advantage of our iQuote CPQ Software as a subscription service. Distributors can offer the service to their Resellers or, Resellers that have their own webstore can host their own service. HP also offer iQuote Universal. iQuote for HP offers the entire SMB BTO product portfolio of Workstations, Mobile Workstations, Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets and Thin Clients. iQuote users can configure a quotation based on any of the portfolios in the knowledge that their quote will be 100% validated. Using a service such as iQuote, provides many benefits to the IT Channel. See benefits of iQuote.


If you are a HP Distributor or you have your own webstore then why not consider hosting your own iQuote service? One of the greatest benefits of using a hosted version of iQuote is that while building the configuration, you see your own buy price, not just list price. Not only that, but you can see the Distributor's real-time stock on each system and option so you can quickly make an alternate choice if one item is unavailable. Once the quote is complete, you can save and export it or you can ‘Add to Basket’ on the website, and proceed to place your order immediately. Finally, as an iQuote host, you can influence buyer behaviour by placing Banner Campaigns into your tool.

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Please note, if you also offer Hewlett Packard Enterprise products then a single subscription to iQuote will cover both business portfolios.


iQuote Universal is a free-of-charge version of the CPQ tool which is available to the IT Channel worldwide. With iQuote Universal, any Authorized HP Distributor or Reseller can take advantage of the increased quote accuracy, customer satisfaction, and efficiency that iQuote delivers. iQuote Universal offers all of the same functionality as the subscription service but without host-specific pricing and stock availability information. iQuote Universal is a quoting tool only, and does not feature any of the ‘buy now’ / ‘add-to-basket’ features of the hosted version. If it is important for your business to be able to share your own real-time pricing and stock information then we recommend iQuote Subscription (hosted) edition. (see above).

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