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All channelcentral services are unaffected by Coronavirus and are running as normal. Any face-to-face meetings will be held using Teams or Skype instead, or rescheduled. If the situation changes as a result of Coronavirus / Covid-19, we will post an update on this website.



Consultancy Services are for those Channel Partners that know they have a problem to fix but do not necessarily have the knowledge, time or resource to rise to the challenge. We pride ourselves on employing Channel Experts. Nearly every one of our staff has come from the IT Channel and as a result, there is a very well rounded team of individuals that are in the perfect position to provide well informed advice. As a business, channelcentral has experience of developing Channel tools on behalf of the Manufacturers, Distributor and Resellers which adds to our breadth of knowledge with every encounter. Unlike other providers, channelcentral is focused solely on the IT Channel which means our advice and solution recommendations are designed to make the perfect fit for each and every individual customer requirement, not simply a generic product approach that is used across multiple industries where only half of the solution may be applicable to you.


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Let’s look at some of the typical scenarios where you channelcentral can assist:

  • Your Sales Team are spending more time generating/producing quotes than actually selling
  • Your Technical Support Team spend more time supporting your own Sales Teams, rather than supporting your Customers
  • Your Customer Support Team spend more time dealing with Sales Order Errors and the associated Resolution to the issue, rather than dealing with genuine Customer Support Issues
  • Your Sales Team struggle to add-sell/up-sell and maximise your AUP
  • Your eCommerce/Web Store doesn’t have an effective up-sell/add-sell strategy
  • Measuring sales team or your Channels activity is difficult
  • Your sales and marketing teams cannot keep up with New Product Introductions
  • Inaccurate orders are costing the company large sums of money and damaging reputation
  • You are losing customers to competitors as they can quote much faster than you
  • Your company has diversified ERP/CRM/Sales Tools, resulting in inefficiencies and mismanagement of customer information/quotations/sales order processing

If any of the above problems sound familiar, you should contact channelcentral for a no obligation conversation about how we could help. Our channel CPQ Experts will be able to indentify which solution is likely to be the right one for your Company. We offer a range of CPQ solutions, ranging from off-the-shelf SaaS products through to fully-customised solutions.


  • Working with an expert can save precious time and money as you won’t encounter costly mistakes
  • Collaborating with those external to your organisation can help bring a fresh perspective
  • Free up internal resource to work on business-critical daily tasks
  • Extend your team without the recruitment overheads
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition


  • Nearly every employee of channelcentral has come from the IT Channel with a real breadth of experience
  • We have in excess of 10 years’ experience is developing Channel Sales Tools WW with solutions deployed in over 60 countries
  • channelcentral specialise only in IT channel solutions – we’re one step ahead of general consultancy firms’ offerings
  • We offer the entire service wrap, or you can choose just the elements you require – Product Lifecycle Management Services, Marketing Services, Hosting, Customer Support Services, and much more

Contact us to speak with one of our Channel Experts for a no-obligation introduction to discuss your requirements.

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