Device as a Service (DaaS) Enablement

All of channelcentral’s CPQ Applications support DaaS sales motions natively. DaaS is widely forecast by analysts to be the preferred way that businesses will procure Computer Hardware and consequently it’s experiencing huge growth.

Historically DaaS has really just meant hardware and a lease or hire purchase agreement. However, the introduction of services designed to support the needs of businesses that don’t have (and don’t want) dedicated IT in house resources is changing the perception of Device as a Service. HP Inc, a global provider of hardware and services, strongly advocates DaaS with or without Finance.

The other challenge with DaaS has been making it multi-vendor as it’s very rare that a single Manufacturer can deliver the whole solution. Using HP Inc as an example: although they can provide the hardware and DaaS optimized services they don’t sell Microsoft Office 365, nor a choice of Security Software solutions that most Companies want. The Channel solves this by offering whole solutions in the Capex world.

How does channelcentral enable DaaS?

Our CPQ applications enable DaaS as follows:

  1. Indicative buy price based on Lease or Hire Purchase has been available for many years allowing the user to set the financial variables (e.g. length, lease type). The CPQ application automatically splits the shopping basket into the product types (hardware, software, services).
  2. Where vendors are offering DaaS Services (aka DaaS Plans) they are included meaning that businesses can easily procure services to release the burden of device management.
  3. Host portfolio: allows Web Store Owners to include complementary products and optionally include them in the indicative monthly cost.

Where is DaaS live?

Market Pro, the CPQ Application for HP Inc, is fully DaaS enabled. Find out more about Market Pro Click Here

Learn how Multi-Vendor PC as a Service works in Market Pro
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Watch the video showing DaaS works in Market Pro
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