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Are you losing customers and sales because your products and services are too hard to find in your Web Store?

Smart Finder is filter software to aid your customers in navigating your website when selecting a product or service in the most efficient way possible, and encourages repeat purchases through an improved user experience. Unlike other product finders, Smart Finder consumes your web store branding, has the ability to be a standalone web service, has no binary searches, displays related products in search results and is developed specifically for you and your needs.

Smart Finder uses Fuzzy Logic search which includes nested search results. This means that unlike other product finders, Smart Finder will intelligently include products and services that match the same requirements but may have been described differently, for example 1000 Gigabyte Vs 1 Terabyte. The results also allow the child product to be located in the context of the parent. This logic gives your customers a more efficient and accurate way to find what they are looking for.

Smart Finder can be completely self-managed or channelcentral can manage the Product Portfolio’s on your behalf with our experienced Product Management Team.

Key Smart Finder Features:

  • Consumes your organizations branding
  • Uses nested search result logic
  • It can be a plug-in or standalone web store
  • Fully accessible admin panel for self-management of the software and products
  • Built-in dashboard for real-time reporting
  • Ability to have multiple instances by customer or localization

What might Smart Finder Look like?

As a simple example, it presents your filters and whilst making your selection, your compatible options appear underneath for selection. If embedded into your web store or an existing channelcentral CPQ Software service, then validation rules can be included to ensure your entire solution is compatible with your selection as well as ‘add to basket’ functionality.

An example of what SmartFinder might look like.

Why Smart Finder from channelcentral?

  • Experience of developing product finders for some of the IT Channel’s largest Vendors
  • With our existing data links in the IT Channel, your Smart Finder service can be spun up quickly
  • For existing customers, our Smart Finders can be plugged-in to your current channelcentral software and be standalone
  • Unlike other SaaS providers, channelcentral offers a unique service which takes product lifecycle management into consideration with a dedicated team of Product Managers ready to manage your portfolio (if you choose not to do it yourself)
  • Competitively priced

Ask for a demonstration of Smart Finder and see what a difference it could make to your sales!

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